Living Deeply: A Psychological and Spiritual Journey

By Fraser Watts

A practical and accessible guide to spiritual exploration, drawing upon contemporary psychology as well as the spiritual traditions of Christianity.

ISBN: 9780718895129


This is a book that takes people on a personal journey, a journey that is both spiritual and psychological: a three-fold journey that leads you, the reader, to face issues about yourself, raises challenges about relationships, and points towards what is above and beyond.

Fraser Watts draws on his own Christian tradition in a way that is relevant to spiritual people everywhere, whatever tradition they belong to, or if they are of no religious tradition at all.

It is a book to be read reflectively, giving some time to make connections between what is gently written in the pages and your own experience of life; if you let it, Living Deeply will help you join up a spiritual perspective with your own psychological issues. Such a journey could change a life. Perhaps it will change yours, helping you to see what deeper issues are at stake as you journey through life, and give you a spiritual compass to respond to life’s challenges. This book will help you, indeed, to live more deeply.

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Pages 174

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About the Author

Fraser Watts is a psychologist and spiritual leader. He was Reader in Theology and Science in the University of Cambridge, and has also served as a Church of England minister and as President of the British Psychological Society. He is now retired but remains active in many ways, including being Executive Secretary of the International Society for Science and Religion and a Visiting Professor at the University of Lincoln.



1. The Inner Journey

Section One: Personal Issues
2. Coping with Stress
3. Depression
4. Loss and Death
5. Suffering, Illness and Wholeness

Section Two: Relationships and Community
6. Personal Relationships
7. Community
8. Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Section Three: Going Deeper
9. Something More
10. Darkness and Light
11. Jesus
12. Sin and Salvation
13. God Beyond Words