Lord of the Evening

By Frank Topping

Meditations on the opportunity that the evening offers for reflection by the well known broadcaster.

ISBN: 9780718824174


For Frank Topping the evening is much more than a gap between two working days. He knows that tomorrow will not be worth much if all the decisions have been taken today and all the questions answered. So for him the evening is a chance to get things into perspective.

“It seemed as if this had been written specially for me,” That was the most frequently repeated phrase when listeners to Radio 2 wrote to the BBC asking for a copy of the script of Frank Topping’s morning meditations on Pause for Thought. “What made me decide to broadcast them regularly,” says Frank, “was the huge response from listeners – literally thousands.”

In the Frank Topping series, the Lutterworth Press has published many of his most popular radio meditations. These collections of thoughts and prayers remain a pleasure to use and also a handy reference for those who want to find their favourite meditation.

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About the Author

Before being ordained to the Methodist ministry in 1970, Frank Topping worked in the theatre and television, both as a producer and a performer. He then worked for BBC Radio Bristol before moving to BBC London in 1974. He is known not only through his radio broadcasts but also because of his West End partnership with Donald Swan in ‘Swann and Topping’ and his television series ‘Topping on Sunday’.


1. May Every Day
2. Patience
3. Stars
4. Bedtime
5. Mistakes
6. Looking for Peace
7. Sleep On It
8. The Gift of Vision
9. Facing the Truth
10. A Smile
11. The Empty House
12. I Am Not Worthy
13. Comfort the Sorrowful
14. Masks
15. All My Tomorrows
16. Sons and Daughters
17. I’m Sorry
18. Eyes to See
19. A Quiet Mind
20. The Child and the Father
21. Courage for the Night
22. The Hope of His Coming
23. Before I Sleep
24. Christmas Eve
25. The Instruments of Peace
26. The Language of Prayer

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… a source of encouragement and comfort to many.