The Lutterworth Dictionary of the Bible

By Watson E. Mills (editor)

A detailed and exhaustive reference to the Old and New Testaments, providing an invaluable resource for students, scholars and clergy.

ISBN: 9780718829186


Produced by a professional community of over 250 teachers of the Bible and their advisors, this most ambitious endeavour contains over one million words. Comprehensive cross-referencing throughout the book allows for ease and speed of use.

The Lutterworth Dictionary of the Bible provides a concise resource containing canonical as well as non-canonical references. In addition to featuring a synopsis of each canonical book, the Dictionary pays attention to still-emerging concerns. Other fascinating topics such as wizards, pottery chronology and polygamy along with summaries on key (but not necessarily biblical) persons place the Bible firmly in its historical context.

To avoid bias a determined effort has been made to draw contributors from a variety of schools of interpretation, with the idea of including a broad range of opinions and approaches to the critical issues involved in the study of the Bible.

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About the Author

Watson E. Mills is Professor of New Testament Studies at Mercer University, Macon, Georgia (USA). He is a graduate of the University of Richmond (BA), the University of Louisville (MA), the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (BD, ThM, ThD), and Baylor University (PhD). He has published widely, having written or edited a dozen books and scores of articles. He is editor of the quarterly Perspectives in Religious Studies and managing editor of Religious Studies Review and the Bulletin of the Council of Societies for the Study of Religion.

He has also served as the executive officer of the Council of Societies for the Study of Religion, and as executive secretary-treasurer of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. He is a member of the Society of New Testament Studies, the Catholic Biblical Association, the American Academy of Religion, and the Society of Biblical Literature. He is a fellow in the International Institute for the Renewal of Gospel Studies.


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Endorsements and Reviews

This judicious, comprehensive dictionary will be both a great help and a standard reference work for many years … This publication stands boldly for sanity, intelligence and moderation.
Walter Brueggemann

A first class piece of work … marked by integrity, balance, scholarship and above all, by love of the Bible. Wholeheartedly and warmly recommended.
ADRIS Newsletter

The best one-volume Bible dictionary …
Biblical Archaeologist

A splendid, most useful work, easily worth its price … Biblical scholarship joyfully ecumenical … wide-ranging, judicious and well-balanced … a very useful work.
Methodist Recorder

An obvious choice for undergraduate students of the Bible.
Journal for the Study of the New Testament

A warm welcome to this useful resource. Besides the good coverage of expected subjects, two features make it important: first there are long articles on general subjects such as Archaeology, Bible as Literature, Sociology and Theology; second, the scope extends to include the Apocrypha and Pseudigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi documents. The presentation makes for ease of reference, with excellent headers and cross references.
Expository Times

Where the Lutterworth Dictionary has an advantage over the Harper’s Dictionary is in its breadth … articles dealing with various aspects of Hellenistic religion and culture … are crucial for understanding the beginnings of Christianity … many articles on important figures from the early church such as Irenaeus and Justin … take the Lutterworth Dictionary into areas quite crucial for understanding the Bible but often overlooked by such a work … the Lutterworth Dictionary is the product of competent and up-to-date scholarship and some of the better known scholars. A good case can be made for the better value of this more comprehensive and significantly longer Dictionary … It is probably the most comprehensive single volume available at the moment.
John Painter, in St Mark’s Review

A very worthwhile Bible dictionary. … the range and quality of articles is impressive and this dictionary offers value for money for both student and teacher.
Journal of Semitic Studies

The editors have encouraged academic freedom and integrity … produced by first-rate scholars who wish to communicate the truths of the Bible in an intelligible manner. The book should be an obvious choice for undergraduate students of the Bible.
Journal for the Study of the New Testament

A fine achievement, always solid and the first choice for those interested in literary and theological aspects of the Bible … the level and stance of treatment is remarkably even and uniform, scholarly and clear, informative and concise. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the breadth of coverage … substantial.

… now available in a paperback format, more accessible to the student market … By its wealth of information this dictionary will be a helpful instrument for students in colleges, universities and seminaries.
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