Monumental Tales: The Fascinating Stories behind the World’s Pet Statues and Memorials

By Jackie Buckle

A lavishly illustrated exploration of pet statues and memorials from around the world, and the often surprising and inspiring stories behind them.

ISBN: 9780718895457


Around the world there are thousands of pet statues and memorials with fascinating stories behind them. Some reveal insights into our social history, such as the little brown dog in Battersea that was a focus of suffragette riots. Others have wonderfully quirky origins, like the twenty-three cats of York: sculptures added to buildings designed by a cat-loving architect. Many more reveal tales of courage, loyalty, myth, and legend.

From Egyptian cat goddesses and the heroic dogs of war, to search-and-rescue canines on 9/11 and Tombili the Turkish moggy who became an Internet sensation, this book brings together a selection of the most surprising, amusing and illuminating stories, complete with dozens of full-colour photographs.

Anyone with an appreciation of pets, the varied roles they play in our lives, and the ways in which our relationships with them have evolved over time, will find much of interest in this book.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Blue Cross animals charity. Should you spot some pet statues or memorials of your own, please do let the author know via the book’s website:

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Dimensions 254 × 189 mm
Pages 120
Illustrations colour

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About the Author

For over twenty years Jackie Buckle worked for a national drugs charity. Currently she finds it rewarding to volunteer as a pet bereavement support worker for the Blue Cross. She has shared her life with many beloved pets over the years, including, at the moment, a very furry Finnish Lapphund!


Foreword by Chris Packham
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1. A Potted History of Pets: As Revealed through Their Statues
2. Till Death Us Do Part: Love and Loyalty
3. Love Me, Love My Pet: Politics, Royalty, and Science
4. Love Me, Love My Pet: Arty Types
5. Bravery and Service: Always on Duty
6. Myth and Legend: Truth or Dare?
7. Outstanding Contribution: Feats of Intelligence and Skill
8. Curiouser and Curiouser: The Weird and the Wonderful

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