The Mystery of Preaching

By James Black

This classic book on all aspects of preaching remains a valuable guide for ministers and theological students.

ISBN: 9780718891169


“Preaching is the natural overflow of our religion. We have received good news, and we long to tell it to others. The reason and passion of preaching – the only reason and passion – is that a great and wonderful thing has come into our lives in the love of God through Jesus, and we can find no rest until we tell the world.”

Black’s classic book on preaching, first published in 1924, remains a valuable guide for ministers and students of theology. Originally delivered as a series of lectures the book covers the many facets of preaching from choice of subject, through the hard work involved in careful preparation, to the importance of delivery. The final chapters are devoted to the planning of worship and the conduct of services.

Preaching – as the title implies – is not the art of following prescribed rules. There is always an element of mystery, bound up with the greater mystery of personality.

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About the Author

James Macdougall Black was educated at Rothesay Academy and studied at Glasgow University, He was Chaplain to the King in Scotland and Minister of St George’s West, Church of Scotland (Edinburgh).


1. To-day is Not Yesterday
2. A Preacher’s Requisites
3. The Smith at his Forge
4. The Marks of Good Preaching
5. The Use of our Material in Preaching
6. The Day in Action
7. The Theory of Christian Worship
8. Common Prayer