New Testament Greek Primer

By Gerald Stevens

A thorough and accessible introduction to Biblical Greek for beginners and students of the New Testament.

ISBN: 9780718892067


Drawing from his long teaching experience, Gerald Stevens has successfully produced a comprehensive and clear Biblical Greek grammar for beginners and students of the New Testament.

The book presents a practical format for learning, with full indexes and a number of illustrations. Exercises are included within the text, and the answer key is followed by indexes that include vocabulary, principal parts, paradigms and subjects. An appendix of English grammar helps the student link the two languages.

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Pages 620

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About the Author

Gerald L. Stevens is Professor of New Testament and Greek at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been a pastor and campus minister, and regularly serves in interim pastorates. As an author, he has also written journal articles, book reviews, and Bible study materials. He has traveled widely in Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. He has also contributed to the collation of Greek manuscripts for the International Greek New Testament Project.


List of Figures
List of Tables
Preface: First Edition Reception
Introduction: Getting Started

Greek Primer
1. Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Language Lesson 1: Words and Meaning
2. Greek Verbs
3. Middle/Passive Voice
Language Lesson 2: Translation is Interpretation
4. Greek Nouns
5. First Declension
6. The Article
Vocabulary Review 1: Vocabularies 1-6
7. Third Declension
8. Adjectives
9. Pronouns
10. Prepositions
11. Adverbs and More
Vocabulary Review 2: Vocabularies 7-11
12. Contract Verbs
Language Lesson 3: Verb Morphology
13. Imperfect Tense
14. Conditional Sentences
Language Lesson 4: Tense Stems
15. Future Tense
16. First Aorist
17. Second Aorist, Liquids
18. The Passive System
Vocabulary Review 3: Vocabularies 12-18
19. The Perfect System
Language Lesson 5: Indicative Verb Summary
20. Subjunctive & Optative
21. Imperative
22. Infinitives
23. Adverbial Infinitives
Vocabulary Review 4: Vocabularies 19-23
24. Participles
25. Adjectival Participles
26. Adverbial Participles
27. ΜΙ Verbs 1
28. ΜΙ Verbs 2

English Appendix
English 1: Words
English 2: Word Groups
English 3: Sentences
English 4: Sentence Sense
English 5: Sentence Diagramming

Answer Key and Indexes
Answer Key
Principal Parts
Subject Index


Endorsements and Reviews

… a highly effective way to teach Greek to beginning students. Stevens once again accomplished his goal, even with a sense of humor along the way. I highly recommend this Greek Primer for all beginning Greek students.
Renate Viveen Hood, LeTourneau University

Stevens’s Primer sets a new standard for Greek grammars and will richly reward anyone who uses it.
Robert A. Bryant, Presbyterian College

For students who struggle with the foundations of grammar in English even before starting to study Greek, the chapters that review English grammar concepts will be a welcome aid that most Greek grammars fail to offer.
William F. Warren, Jr., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary