The Prayer Book

By Frederick Denison Maurice

A major work on the Book of Common Prayer by the leading 19th-century theologian and social thinker.

ISBN: 9780718891091


The theology of the leading 19th century theologian and social thinker F.D. Maurice was rooted firmly in the communal action of the Book of Common Prayer. For him the Prayer Book is the key to any understanding of Anglican ecclesiology, and also provides the grounding for his social views. His practical and traditional approach was in keeping with the general spirit of English society.

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About the Author

Frederick Denison Maurice studied at Trinity College (Cambridge) and at Exeter College (Oxford). He was appointed Professor of English Literature and History and later became Professor of Theology at King’s College (London). He founded Queen’s College for Women.



I. Introductory – 1 Corinthians 1.2
II. The Confession – Isaiah 2.11
III. The Absolution – Luke 5.21
IV. The Lord’s Prayer After Absolution: The Gloria Patri – John 4.23, 24
V. The Ninety-Fifth Psalm – Psalm 95.11
VI. The Psalms – 2 St Peter 1.20, 21
VII. The First Lesson – Psalm 119.144
VIII. The Second Lesson – Ephesians 3.4, 5
IX. The Songs of the Church – Revelation 15.3
X. The Creed – Psalm 9.10
XI. Ejaculations and Collects – Matthew 6.7, 8
XII. The Litany – Ezekiel 1.26
XIII. The Communion Service: (1) The Commandments – Hebrews 8.10
XIV. The Communion Service: (2) The Epistle and Gospel, and Nicene Creed – Ephesians 2.20
XV. The Communion Service: (3) The Offertory, and Prayer for the Church Militant – Philippians 2.12, 13
XVI. The Communion Service: (4) The Exhortation and Confession in the Communion Service – Acts 13.46
XVII. The Communion Service: (5) The Absolution, and Sentences, and Trisagion – Matthew 11.28, 29
XVIII. The Communion Service: (6) The Consecration Prayer – John 10.17, 18
XIX. The Communion Service: (7) The Eucharist – 1 Corinthians 15.45