Prepare, Succeed, Advance: A Guidebook for Getting a PhD in Biblical Studies and Beyond (First Edition)

By Nijay K. Gupta

An informative and valuable guide to the process of obtaining a doctorate in Biblical Studies and the subsequent steps towards an academic career.

ISBN: 9780718895044


Achieving a PhD in Biblical Studies raises questions about different stages of the process commonly encountered by those who venture into the academic world. In Prepare, Succeed, Advance, Nijay K. Gupta divides the procedure into three specific phases: Prepare, which focusses on choosing the right doctoral programme and applying for it; Succeed, which deals with the delicate challenge of writing a defensible thesis; and Advance, in which he gives advice on how to face issues with success in career development in the academic field. Gupta offers discussions and answers to the most pertinent and pressing questions that prospective and current doctoral students come in contact with, in a guidebook that tackles from an authoritative perspective any doubts with a remarkable amount of personal experience.

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Pages 164

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About the Author

Dr Nijay K. Gupta (PhD, New Testament, University of Durham) teaches Biblical Studies at Seattle Pacific University. He is the author of the book Worship That Makes Sense to Paul (2010), and over a dozen academic articles in theological journals. He is also assistant editor of Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters.



1. Choosing a Doctoral Program
2. Preparing for Doctoral Studies: From Education to Application
3. Making the Application

4. Orientation to the PhD and Choosing the Research Topic
5. Researching and Writing the Dissertation
6. How to Defend Your Work (Preparing for Your Oral Defense)

7. Orientation: From PhD to Employment and Beyond
8. Conference Participation and Publishing
9. Teaching Experience
10. Job Hunting, Interviewing, and Publishing the Dissertation



Endorsements and Reviews

Getting a PhD in biblical studies it is not a walk in the park, it’s more like running for your life through the African Serengeti at meal time! Lucky for would-be PhD students is that Dr Nijay K. Gupta can be your tour guide as you start this journey. Nijay himself has been tried by the ordeal of a British doctorate, he’s a successful graduate who landed a job, and an accomplished author to follow up. If you want to know about the A-Z of doing and finishing a PhD in biblical studies, this book will show you the way and save you much pain and frustration.
Michael Bird, Lecturer in Theology at the Bible, College of Queensland

There is quite literally a wealth of wisdom in these pages, so quite a few will no doubt echo me in lamenting, ‘If only this was published when I was writing my PhD!’ Thankfully, this wonderfully helpful guide to the rigmaroles of PhD research also offers advice for those of us taking the first steps in teaching, publishing, conference paper presentation, and job hunting. Read this book! You will only be doing yourself a favour.
Chris Tilling, New Testament Tutor, St Mellitus College and St Paul’s Theological Centre