Religion on Trial

By Craig A. Parton

An analysis of the need to base religious belief on evidence, with a robust defence of the historicity of the claims of Christianity.

ISBN: 9780718892203


Craig Parton argues that religions uniformly fail the simplest tests of admissibility for their respective claims. Few religions even bother to make testable assertions, relying instead at best on subjective and existential appeals. The stunningly few historical, and thus verifiable, claims of a precious few religions can be swiftly sorted out, and the result is an astounding vindication of the central non-hearsay claims of the first-century eyewitnesses to the life and work of Jesus Christ.

This work challenges the prevailing viewpoint that all religions are making the same, or even similar, allegations. More troubling than this prevailing view is that the religions of the world remain diametrically opposed on the issues of the nature of humanity, the reality of evil, the nature of history, and the way of salvation. Sorting out the clashing claims of religions is the task of this book, and a trial lawyer well schooled in the laws of admissible evidence brings insight and clarity to matters normally thought to be solely in the domain of philosophers and theologians.

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About the Author

Craig Parton is not just a lawyer who has been involved in some of the largest natural-resource cases, he also is the United States director of the International Academy of Apologetics. To lecture and debate on the topic of religious truth claims he travelled to more than hundred university campuses. He is the author of two previous works relating to the examination and defense of the assertions of Christianity, and is a regular contributor to the Global Journal of Classical Theology and Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology, as well as a contributing scholar to Modern Reformation magazine.



1. This Present Religious Chaos
2. Getting to the Truth Question: Will the Real Religion Please Stand Up?
3. Sherlock Holmes Meets the Buddha: How to Investigate a Religious Claim
4. Christianity on Trial
5. How to Disprove Christianity
6. Christianity May Be True, but Does It Even Matter?
7. From Wittgenstein to Bach


Endorsements and Reviews

Here is one author capable of combining his expertise in three disciplines – jurisprudence, theology, and literature – to build a brilliant and much needed case, a superb blend of courtroom, classroom and prose!
Uwe Siemon-Netto, International Journalist, Gurat, France

A thoughtful analysis of religious truth claims and the need to base faith and beliefs on evidence.
Oliver Wilder-Smith, Radboud University