St Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians

By J. Armitage Robinson

The classic commentary on the Ephesians, with a revised text and translation.

ISBN: 9780718890063


Written whilst in prison in Rome, the Epistle to the Ephesians has been perceived as St. Paul’s most important work, as it is not addressed to a specific church or city, but was intended as a circular, to be taken by Tychicus, and read in all the churches willing to accept the new word of God.

This book addresses the most important elements of the teaching of St. Paul, and specifically the inclusion of the gentiles in what had initially been a church for Jews. It was this teaching which had led to St. Paul’s imprisonment, and yet he took the opportunity to spread his message despite the consequences he faced.

In St. Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians, Robinson provides a context for the Epistle, establishing a framework in which it can be read and understood. This book also includes a paraphrase of the Epistle, which is of particular value to students who are not familiar with the Greek language.

This is a classic and comprehensive commentary on the Ephesians, which is well constructed and easy to follow.

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About the Author

Joseph Armitage Robinson was educated at Liverpool College and Christ’s College (Cambridge). He later became dean of Westminster Abbey and of Wells Cathedral.


Translation and Exposition
Text and Notes

On the meanings of χάρις and χαριτουν
‘The Beloved’ as a Messianic title
On the meaning of μυστήριον in the New Testament
On ένεργειν and its cognates
On the meaning of έπίγνωσις
On the meaning of πλήρωμα
On the word συναρμολογειν
On πώρωσις and πήρωσις
On some current epistolary phrases
Note on various reading?

Index of Greek Words
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