The Study of Old Testament Theology Today

By Edward J. Young

Four lectures exploring the history, nature, content and influence of Old Testament theology.

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Is the Old Testament man-centred? Is it merely a collection of myths that evolved out of man’s search for God? Or is the Old Testament a record of God’s Revelation to man in history? Is the Old Testament a part of the word of God?

In the four lectures presented in this book, Dr Young explores the history, nature, content and influence of Old Testament theology.

Dr. Young takes bold issue with modern scholars of the Old Testament, who have dissected its words, but ignored their meaning. In his discussion of Old Testament theology and history, he admits that archaeology has, in general, supported the position of those who have regarded Old Testament history as untrustworthy. However, his clear arguments support the premise that the Old Testament is grounded upon that which God Himself did in history.

The author examines the nature of Old Testament theology, and compares Old Testament literature with references in The Iliad and The Odyssey and in the religious literature of Egypt and Babylonia. He traces the development of the oral tradition, which can be recognised in Old Testament literature, and the cultural influence which affected the scribes. However, whilst he argues that these influences should be noted, he believes that they are of secondary importance to the words themselves.

Finally, Dr, Young concludes by analysing the meaning of the Covenant, and the content and influence of Old Testament theology. He examines the prophecies which prepare for the coming of the Messiah, and considers the manner in which the Old Testament paves the way for the New.

This discussion of Old Testament theology is of supreme importance to ministers and students, and to all who love the Bible.

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About the Author

Dr. Edward J. Young was a leading Old Testament scholar in the United States. He spent some years in Palestine and Egypt in the study of ancient languages and was professor of the Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, where he taught for more than twenty years.


I. Old Testament Theology and History
II. The Nature of Old Testament Theology
III. The Content of Old Testament Theology
IV. The Influence of Old Testament Theology