Vital Truth: Convictions of the Christian Community

By Nigel G. Wright

A discussion of the central theological convictions that underpin Christian life, offering possibilities for a deeper understanding of Christian doctrine.

ISBN: 9780718894344


In Vital Truth, Nigel Wright brings together the two concerns that have defined his ministry: the formation of healthy congregational life and the considered articulation of Christian convictions. In the belief that these two concerns are intimately related, he sets out the range of Christian convictions in a way intended to be accessible to church members who wish to clarify and deepen their understanding. Vital Truth is rooted in the belief that the resurrection of Christ is the central reality out of which all other Christian convictions emerge. Beginning at this point and in the belief that Christ is present in the community of believers, Wright then explores Christian convictions about God, Christology, creation, salvation, election, evil, eschatology, and witness to the world.

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About the Author

Nigel G. Wright (PhD) is Principal Emeritus of Spurgeon’s College London, and a former President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. An ordained minister, his career has been divided equally between serving local churches and teaching theology.



1. The Community of the Risen Lord
2. The God of Jesus Christ: The Personal God
3. The God of Jesus Christ: The Relational God
4. Christology
5. Jesus Christ, Savior of the World
6. Human Dignity and Depravity
7. God’s Original Creation
8. God’s New Creation
9. God’s Spirit in Creation and in Christ
10. God’s Spirit in the Church and in Christians
11. God’s Gracious Election
12. The Powers of Darkness and Their Defeat
13. Future Hope: The Restoration of All Things
14. Future Hope: Heaven and Hell, Death and Judgment
15. The Way of Jesus Christ
16. The Word of God and the Words of God
17. The Goodness of God and the World’s Suffering
18. Humanity’s Spiritual Quest
19. The Credibility of Christianity: Advocates and Apologists
20. Communities of Salt and Light

Appendix 1: The Apostles’ Creed
Appendix 2: The Nicene Creed

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Endorsements and Reviews

The experience of a creative theologian, teacher, and pastor are clearly on view in this theologically rich account of the core convictions of the Christian community. Profoundly and imaginatively written, yet eminently accessible, this volume will be a wonderful resource for those who wish to go deeper in their understanding of core Christian doctrines.
Graham Watts, Tutor, Christian Doctrine and Ethics, Spurgeon’s College, London

Nigel has a real gift for exploring profound theological truth in a very readable way. I have found that his books inspire, challenge, and develop my thinking and practice as a Christian leader, and so I am delighted to commend this latest book to you.
Lynn Green, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain

In a day when many Christians have a hazy grasp of their faith, Nigel Wright’s Vital Truth comes as a timely corrective. Written with commendable clarity, it succinctly and accessibly explores the core convictions of Christianity. It is persuasive, winsome, and readable. Chapters are short enough to be savoured and provide excellent material for small group study. Definitely a book to get hold of.
Brian Harris, Principal, Vose Seminary, Perth, Australia

Wright brings together in a highly accessible manner two concerns that have dogged the life of the church over time: the formation of healthy congregations and the clarity of Christian belief. … Wright’s work provides welcomed guidance into the rough currents of mission and ministry in the world. … Wright’s book is the work of an experienced pastor and teacher who has wisely thought through the conviction of Christian truth claims and understands how knowledge and vital piety go hand-in-hand (as the one cannot go without the other), and who also does so with great concern for the church’s overall witness. Pastors, teachers, and laypersons will benefit from this tested guide
Andrew Kinsey, in Reviews in Religion and Theology, Vol 24, Issue 4