Ordering eBooks

We publish eBook versions of many of our titles, including all new titles and a substantial portion of our back catalogue. All ebook titles are made available in PDF format, and many are also available in ePub format. Kindle editions of a number of our titles are also available from Amazon.

Please note that the eBook prices that we display on our website are our own recommended retail prices. Prices for our eBooks purchased from other vendors will vary, and may also vary from country to country. Please also note that any VAT or sales tax that is chargeable on eBooks will also vary from country to country.

We are currently only able to provide eBooks in ePub and Mobi (Kindle) formats on our website. For eBooks of our titles in PDF format, please see below for a selection of other vendors who stock our eBooks.

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eBook Sales to the EU

We regret that we are currently unable to provide direct eBook sales to customers in the EU. We are hoping to rectify this in the near future and we apologise for any inconvenience. EU customers may still be able to purchase our eBooks from other vendors, including those listed below.

eBook Downloads

eBook download links are active for 5 days (inclusive of the day of purchase) and 5 attempts can be made to download each eBook purchased. If you are unable to download your eBook before these download limits expire, please contact us to reset them.

eBook Licensing

When one of our eBooks is purchased and downloaded, then the eBook is licensed to the purchaser on a non-transferable and non-exclusive basis by James Clarke and Company Limited (trading as the Lutterworth Press). This means that it may be read by the purchaser only and may not be distributed to any third parties.

Although our eBooks are sold without technical DRM restrictions, and can be read on most computers, e-readers, tablets and smartphones, they are digitally watermarked to enable illegal distribution to be traced. This includes several visible and invisible marks, including the purchaser’s name, email address, the date of purchase and a transaction code.

For full details of our eBook licensing terms, please see our Terms and Conditions page.

eBook Returns

We are unable to accept returns of eBooks once they have been downloaded by the end user. If you wish to cancel an order for an eBook, then you must do so before attempting any download.

Where To Find Our eBooks

Most of our eBooks, including those in PDF format, are also available from other vendors, including:

Please note that prices may vary from vendor to vendor and that each vendor has its own delivery system. All titles are protected by DRM and in some cases may only be available for particular e-readers. Please visit the vendors’ websites for more information.

Library Suppliers for Our eBooks

Libraries can access our eBook titles through the following suppliers: