Biblical Revelation and African Beliefs

By Kwesi Dickson and Paul Ellingworth

An exploration of traditional African religions and their relevance to Christian ideas through a consultation of African theologians.

ISBN: 9780718897789


In this reprinted edition of Biblical Revelation and African Beliefs, the contents of traditional African religions and their relevance to Christian ideas are explored. Through presenting the principal papers of a consultation of African theologians, Dickson and Ellingworth offer an extensive exploration of how these traditional religions and their ideas can enrich and enlighten Christianity in Africa.

Rejecting a Eurocentric vision of Christianity in Africa, Biblical Revelation and African Beliefs explores ideas such as the knowledge of God, the notion of power, time, and man, as well as examining the ethical content of African traditional religion and when it can be reconciled to Christian ethics. This group of esteemed African theologians offers a framework for a synthesis between the Christian gospel and African theology, which is illuminating for historians and Christian theologians alike.

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About the Author

Kwesi Dickson (1929-2005) was a Ghanian Christian theologian, who served at the university of Ghana until 1989. He also served as President of the Methodist Church Ghana from 1989-1997, and as Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana.

Paul Ellingworth (1931-2018) was a Honorary Professor in New Testament at the University of Aberdeen, and worked for the United Bible Societies as a translator from 1967-1971, and a translation consultant from 1975. He also served as Associate Director at the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World.


Foreword by Samuel H. Amissah
Introduction by E. Bolaji Idown

1 God by E. Bolaji Idown
2 God, Spirits and the Spirit World by Stephen N. Ezeanya
3 Priesthoot by R. Buana Kibongi
4 Sacrifice by Harry Sawyerr
5 The Theological Estimate of Man by Swailem Sidhom
6 The Theological Basis of Ethics by E. A. Adeolu Adegbola
7 Vital Participation by Vicent Mulago
8 Eschatology by John S. Mbiti