History of the Bible in English

By F.F. Bruce

A comprehensive and classic study, tracing the story of the translation of the Bible into English, from its beginnings to the mid-20th century.

ISBN: 9780718890322


The Bible in the English language is among the great achievements of all time, not only as a masterpiece of inspired writing but as a witness to the place of the Scriptures in the life of the English-speaking peoples, and Bruce’s work, recognised for 30 years as the best on its subject, documents its history and shows the impact of some of the translations on the use and development of the English language.

Formerly The English Bible, this comprehensive study of the various English translations of the Bible is again available in paperback. The author traces the story from the earliest partial translations in Saxon times, through Wycliffe, Tyndale and The King James Version, to the publication of such contemporary versions as The New English Bible, The New American Standard Version, The Living Bible, and The Good News Bible.

Authoritative and highly readable, this remains one of the standard works on its subject.

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About the Author

Frederick Fyvie Bruce was educated at the University of Aberdeen, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Vienna. He was Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis at the University of Manchester and Editor of The Evangelical Quarterly and Palestine Exploration Quarterly.

His other publications include: New Testament History (1969), The Epistles of John (1970), The Message of the New Testament (1972), The Work of Jesus (1979), Paternoster Bible History Atlas (1982), and The Real Jesus (1985).



1. The Beginnings of the English Bible
2. John Wycliffe and the English Bible
3. The English New Testament in Print
4. Tyndale’s Later Years
5. The Complete English Bible Printed and Licensed
6. The Great Bible
7. The Elizabethan Bible
8. The King James Version
9. The English Bible for Roman Catholics
10. After King James
11. The Revised Version
12. Early Twentieth Century Versions
13. Moffatt, Goodspeed and Others
14. The Revised Standard Version
15. Recent Roman Catholic Versions
16. Other Recent Versions
17. The New English Version
18. The English Bible in the Seventies

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Endorsements and Reviews

Professor Bruce’s book provides compulsive reading. Not only is there a hard-hitting but balanced assessment of modern versions, but also the story of versions down the ages. Dr. Bruce continues to be generous in his praise and firm in his criticism.
Catholic Herald

Acclaimed by scholars as the ‘best account of the history of the English Bible’. We cannot imagine a finer account of this remarkable story. Interest is maintained throughout yet another example of the remarkable scholarship of Professor Bruce. This fine handbook is strongly recommended to all who wish a comprehensive grasp of what lies behind our English Bible.
The Witness

The story of the English Bible is a fascinating one. No one surpasses F.F. Bruce in telling it with a blend of scholarship and readability.
Baptist Times

The Expository Times

Here’s one to treasure. Indispensable. It is the best and most comprehensive book on the English Bible.
Methodist Recorder

Invaluable. This informative, accurate and eminently readable book can be confidently recommended as the best on its subject.
The Society of Old Testament Study

F.F. Bruce gives an admirable account of the History of the Bible in English tracing the early history of the Scriptures in English down to the present day.
Welsh Churchman

An admirable book ,scholarly and reliable, but highly readable, it answer just the questions that users of the Bible are likely to ask, and its comments on the value of the various versions are judicious and helpful.

Readable and reliable.
Religious Studies

One of the best tour guides through the wonderful world of the history of the English Bible.
Bibliotheca Sacra

The best source for information on the English Bible.
Religious Book Review

Bruce’s control of his material is admirable. The most readily available trustworthy guide to the subject.
The Living Church

The classic history of the English Bible. Rarely has such an historical study proved such fascinating reading.
Southwestern Journal of Theology