Narnian Virtues: Building Good Character with C.S. Lewis

By Mark Pike and Thomas Lickona

A guide to the use of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia as a tool for children’s character education.

ISBN: 9780718800000


In this engaging and practical book Mark Pike and Thomas Lickona show how C.S. Lewis’ wisdom for nurturing good character, and his much-loved Chronicles of Narnia, inspire us to virtue. Drawing upon the Judeo-Christian virtues of faith, hope and love and ‘Narnian’ virtues such as courage, integrity and wisdom, they present an approach to contemporary character education validated by recent research. An introduction to C.S. Lewis’ thought on character and faith is followed by practical examples of how to use well-known passages from the Narnia novels as a stimulus for rich character development at home and in the classroom.

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About the Author

Professor Mark Pike is Chief Executive of the Emmanuel Schools Foundation in the UK, which provides ‘Christian-ethos schools of character for the whole community’. Mark directed the Templeton-funded Narnian Virtues project at the University of Leeds, where he is Visiting Professor. As an internationally respected educator and C.S. Lewis scholar, his two most recent books are Ethical English and Mere Education: C.S. Lewis as Teacher for our Time (translated into Dutch and Korean).

Professor Thomas Lickona has led the character education movement in the US for the last thirty years and has spent the last five years collaborating on Narnian Virtues. A developmental psychologist at the State University of New York (Cortland), his books on character development, have been translated into a dozen languages, and include the popular Educating for Character, Character Matters, and, most recently, How to Raise Kind Kids.