Stories in Glass: A Guide to Medieval Stained Glass in Norfolk

By David King and Paul Harley (Photographs)

This richly illustrated and well-researched guide offers a comprehensive survey of Norfolk’s unmatched medieval glass heritage.



Norfolk’s churches are home to some of the highest-quality and best-preserved medieval stained glass in Britain. Panels produced in the county’s extensive and long-lasting workshops, centred in the historically important city of Norwich, can be found in some 270 buildings, including churches, museums and country houses. Moreover, recent research has revealed for the first time the original location of many of the panels now dispersed around the county.

In Stories in Glass, Paul Harley and David King reveal these treasures to a new audience. Harley’s exquisite photographs are set alongside historical and artistic explanations that illuminate the social, economic and religious background to the windows we see today. With 200 colour images, and maps showing the locations of the windows discussed, this beautifully illustrated guide will appeal to the explorer and collector alike.

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Pages 162
Illustrations 224 Colour

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About the Author

David King was born into a family of glaziers and took up his own interest in stained glass in 1970. He writes regularly on painted window glass, and is the author of The Medieval Stained Glass of St Peter Mancroft (2006), and forthcoming CVMA Summary Catalogue for Norfolk. He has previously been a senior research fellow at the University of East Anglia.

Paul Harley is a photographer with over 35 years’ experience. Past exhibition subjects have ranged from human rights abuses in South and Central America to medieval churches. His first book, From Bears to Bishops: Norfolk’s Medieval Church Carvings, was published in 2018, and shortlisted for the East Anglian Book Awards.


Foreword by Paul Harley

The Locations

Index of Locations


Endorsements and Reviews

This superb volume makes us look anew at stained glass in Norfolk. No-one knows more about medieval glass in the county than David King who puts names to some of the medieval artists whose work we treasure today. Paul Harley’s outstanding photography allows us to see details in the glass that would be impossible with the naked eye and complements David’s comprehensive descriptions of surviving windows and their incredible stories. John E. Vigar, Ecclesiastical Historian

This instructive and beautiful book is just what is needed to explore the ancient stained glass in Norfolk, which has the richest collection of medieval and Renaissance glass in Britain. David King gives a good introduction to stained glass, its use, and iconography, as well as informative descriptions of the windows at many locations and relates them to other items in the buildings. Paul Harley’s photographs are superbly faithful to the windows.
Painton Cowen

Norfolk’s medieval glass is one of its greatest treasures, and no one knows more about it than David King does. His words, coupled with Paul Harley’s outstanding photography, take us on an unforgettable journey through the very best of it. Stories In Glass‘ will stand as the main text on the subject for many years, and it will be an essential companion for anyone following in their footsteps. Simon Knott, Creator of the Churches of East Anglia websites

Stories in Glass is a great entrée into the rich variety of surviving medieval stained glass in Norfolk. Bitesize entries to more than 60 locations across the county are accompanied by an insightful introduction on how to look at stained glass, the style and subjects of medieval windows, the glaziers and workshops who made them, and the donors and clients who commissioned and financed them.
Dr Jasmine Allen, Curator of The Stained Glass Museum

Despite the best efforts of Protestant Reformers in the sixteenth century, Puritan iconoclasts in the seventeenth century, and centuries of exposure to the elements, Norfolk’s churches and historic buildings preserve a stained glass heritage of extraordinary richness and diversity. This collection is brought to life by someone who has devoted his life to its study. David King’s exemplary scholarship and in-depth knowledge of this rich heritage is well-known to academic circles. In this lively, readable and beautifully illustrated book, with images by Paul Harley, this remarkable treasure-trove of medieval glass can be enjoyed by a wide audience.
Professor Sarah Brown, Professor of Art History and Stained Glass Conservation, University of York

Scholarly and accessible, erudite and enjoyable, this book which will appeal to experts and newcomers alike. Both contributors are undisputed experts in their fields and the outstanding quality of Paul Harley’s photographs is matched by the depth of learning in David King’s introduction. Even if you know the glass well already, the photographs reveal details which are otherwise impossible to see and help to make this treasure trove of medieval art accessible. This book will delight and educate in equal measure. Dr Rebecca Pinner, Associate Professor, University of East Anglia