The Quest for Love Divine: Select Essays in Wesleyan Theology and Practice

By Paul W. Chilcote and

Chilcote discusses the impact of John Wesley and early women preachers on the development of Methodist thought and worship.

ISBN: 9780718897635


John Wesley’s impact on Methodist theology and practice is well established, but there are many other early figures who shaped Methodism just as thoroughly. Quest for Love Divine explores the contributions of Charles Wesley by exploring the impact of his lyrics on methodist worship, and the importance of lyrical theology in the founding of Methodism. Chilcote also examines the contributions of early Methodist women such as Dorothy Fisher, Mary Taft and Sarah Crosby, exploring how the Wesley brothers and their community sought to inhabit ‘faith working by love leading to holiness of heart and life’.

In his collection of essays, Chilcote explores the salient themes of Wesleyan theology and practice, and reflects on its legacy, in the Wesley’s time and in ours. By focussing on the nature of their discipleship and the centrality of ‘love divine’, Chilcote brings Wesleyan theology into sharp and practical focus.

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About the Author

Paul W. Chilcote served as Director of the Centre for Global Wesleyan Theology at Wesley House, Cambridge from 2021-22. Since being awarded his PhD in Historical Theology from Duke University in 1984, his interest in John Wesley and early women preachers and their theology has been the focus of his extensive list of publications.