The Saints’ Everlasting Rest

By Richard Baxter

An abridged edition of the classic Christian devotional that was written by Richard Baxter in 1650.

ISBN: 9780718897802


This edition of The Saint’s Everlasting Rest brings the classic Christian devotional, written by Richard Baxter during a life-threatening illness, to the modern reader. His meditations on eternity, heaven, and honouring God have been an inspiration to Christians for centuries, bringing comfort and perspective to those following Christ. Combining Baxter’s unique voice and timeless practical counsel, this book offers readers an insight into the spirit and language of this prolific biblical teacher.
Benjamin Fawcett’s abridgement was designed to be accessible to the modern reader, and preserves Baxter’s work so that his voice is illuminated, not impaired. As Christians have been throughout the centuries, readers will be comforted, challenged and inspired by this classic work.

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About the Author

Richard Baxter (1615-1691) was a Puritan theologian, church leader, hymn-writer, and poet. He ministered at Kidderminster, and was a prolific author and influential controversialist, called “the chief of English Protestant Schoolmen”.