This Monastic Moment: The War of the Spirit and the Rule of Love

By John de Gruchy

A reflection on this current period and a call to embrace the opportunities God has given.

ISBN: 9780718896829


Kairos is used in the New Testament to signify a pivotal moment in history: a critical time of judgement and opportunity where chaos must be faced and one must change their ways before it becomes irreparable. Confronted by the Covid-19 pandemic and mandatory isolation, John de Gruchy felt a similar need to adapt and respond. In doing so, he found a deepening in his desire for authentic humanity, genuine community, and the opportunity affirm his conviction that true humanity is rooted in God, wisdom, and the struggle for justice.

Mixing theology, history, anecdote, spirituality, social commentary, and practical suggestions, This Monastic Moment reflects on this period, and argues that now is the opportune time to embrace the opportunity God has given to receive the coming kingdom in greater fullness. This urgency echoes St Benedict of Nursia’s call to ‘listen’, ‘wake up’, and ‘run’ while there is still light before ‘the darkness of death’. With consideration given both to contemplation and action, to prayer and justice, de Gruchy’s own personal pilgrimage provides the tools to embark upon, or aid, your own.

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About the Author

John de Gruchy is Emeritus Professor of Christian Studies at the University of Cape Town, and is currently an Extraordinary Professor of Theology at Stellenbosch University. He has written numerous books, most recently Bonhoeffer’s Questions (2019), The End is Not Yet (2017) and a book of his meditations: No Apology: Faith, Hope and Love in a time of despair, doubt and violence (2016).