A Tudor Story: The Return of Anne Boleyn

By W.S. Pakenham-Walsh

An account of how the spirit of Anne Boleyn returned through the medium of a clergyman with no previous experience of the psychic or paranormal.

ISBN: 9780718891664


No-one who knew the late Canon Pakenham-Walsh could accuse his of being a starry-eyed dreamer. At ninety he was as active mentally and physically as many a man little more than half his age. Join him on his personal journey across psychic channels to find the real Anne Boleyn; a journey, which beneath its psychic and historical drama, demonstrates religious purpose.

The author’s deep-rooted fascination for Anne Boleyn first originated in 1917 during a missionary trip in China, yet it was on his return to England in 1919 that Pakenham-Walsh began to see divine confirmation of his desire to uncover the true Anne Boleyn. Following a prayer at Boleyn’s burial site that she might become Pakenham-Walsh’s guardian angel, Pakenham-Walsh experienced a series of bizarre coincidences. It was these strange incidents which led Pakenham-Walsh to seek clairvoyants, who helped to channel the spirit of Anne Boleyn.

Through sessions with psychic mediums, the reader is presented with transcripts and accounts of psychic messages from Anne Boleyn and significant characters within Anne Boleyn’s short lifetime. From one of Anne Boleyn’s maids, put to death ‘for the sake’ of Anne Boleyn, to an infuriated Henry VIII , Pakenham-Walsh vividly recounts his experiences in a sympathetic and quaint style.

Canon Pakenham-Walsh’s narrative not only relates his experiences of mediumistic contact, it is also a powerful Christian morality tale of redemption transcending death.

This whole story … all hangs together in a very wonderful way and it seems to me more difficult to put it all down to accident or self-deception than to take it as an extraordinary but Divinely planned and allowed working out of the ‘Communion of Saints’ in which we profess to believe.
From Chapter Eleven: More Coincidences.

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About the Author

Canon W.S. Pakenham-Walsh was born in 1868 and at the age of 29 until 52, he acted as Chaplain to the British community in Foochow, China. It was in the library of the Foochow community that Pakenham-Walsh first found books related to Anne Boleyn’s enigmatic life and from which he began to compile a summary of her life. On his return to England became a keen scholar and educationalist, as well as being a respected clergyman. He died in 1960 at the age of 92.


Queen Anne Boleyn, 1533-1536

I. Coincidences
II. Invitations
III. Clairvoyance
IV. Glorious Devon
V. The Tests
VI. London Town
VII. The Small Still Voice
VIII. The Second Messenger Lois
IX. The Call
X. Chelsea
XI. More Coincidences
XII. The Crystal
XIII. Home Sweet Home
XIV. Katherine of Aragon’s Shrine
XV. Henry Rex and Katherine
XVI. Peacehaven
XVII. The Direct Voice
XVIII. Confirmation
XIX. The Lament of Anne Boleyn
XX. The Lady Anne Boleyn
XXI. Henry and Katherine
XXII. Henry and Wolsey
XXIII. Henry Meets His Sons
XXIV. Lady Rochford
XXV. Hever Revisited
XXVI. Beckenham
XXVIII. The Open Window
XXIX. Danahan
XXX. The King’s Request