1 Timothy

By Aída Besançon Spencer

A detailed and accessible commentary on the First Epistle to Timothy, providing valuable insight into Paul’s treatment of heresy and the role of women.

ISBN: 9780718893736


In a thorough and insightful commentary on Paul’s letter to his co-worker Timothy, which the Apostle wrote before and during Nero’s persecution, Aída Besançon Spencer carefully examines each part of the letter and relates it to the overall flow of the argument and in light of the larger biblical, historical, social, and cultural contexts. How Paul’s writing related to the ancient communities is highlighted in the light of original data gleaned from her explorations on location in Ephesus and throughout Greece. In addition, Paul’s rhetorical and ministerial strategies, especially as they relate to women and their role in the church, are explored. Throughout, Spencer presents an in-depth exegesis in a readable format enhanced by forty years of ministry.

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About the Author

Aída Besançon Spencer is Professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, Massachusetts, and Extraordinary Researcher for North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa.



Introduction to Pastoral Letters
Introduction to 1 and 2 Timothy

1 Timothy 1
     Excursus: Women Could Desire to Be Teachers
     Fusing the Horizons: Significance of Christ’s Birth
1 Timothy 2-3
     Excursus: Lifting Up Hands
     Fusing the Horizons: How to Use Leadership Lists
1 Timothy 4:1—5:2
     Fusing the Horizons: Progress in the Christian Life
1 Timothy 5:3—6:2
     Fusing the Horizons: Applying the Order of Widows to Today
1 Timothy 6:3-21
     Excursus: Heresy in 1 Timothy
     Fusing the Horizons: Living with Wealth

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Endorsements and Reviews

In 1 Timothy, more than any other New Testament writing, Paul has specific instructions for how Christian women are to present and conduct themselves, and how they are to learn, teach, and minister in the church. How appropriate, then, that a commentary on this book should be written by a woman. Dr Spencer provides a carefully researched, well-balanced, and well-written exposition with special attention given to the difficult and controversial texts relating to women, men, and to all Christians. Highly recommended.
John R. Kohlenberger III, Editor, The NIV Greek and English New Testament

As a believer with the simple faith of a child, the author manages to provide a well-researched and easily readable scholarly contribution on 1 Timothy. It is refreshing to read this well-balanced contribution by a female scholar on this letter that repeatedly refers to the role of woman in the church but also to other ministerial strategies. Her perspectives on the influence of this text on a contemporary faith community are enlightening.
Francois P. Viljoen, Professor, Faculty of Theology, North-West University

Spencer’s commentary on 1 Timothy provides an articulate defense of Pauline authorship that interacts well with critical scholarship. It is full of valuable grammatical, lexical, syntactical, historical, and theological insights. … Theological insights include its discussion of the heretical teaching addressed in 1 Timothy and its outstanding treatment of 1 Timothy 2:15. I enthusiastically endorse this well-documented commentary.
Philip B. Payne, author of Man and Woman, One in Christ